The Team

Karl Harpur

Creator / Producer

Karl has been writing and directing family orientated theatre for over 15 years and his productions have played to over 250,000 people in various venues across Ireland. Now based in Los Angeles, he is branching out into the Podcast world thanks to this magical collaboration with his Aussie friend – Tahyna MacManus!

Tahyna MacManus


After noticing a gap in the market for actively engaging scripted podcasts geared towards children, Tahyna approached Karl about teaming up to bring his character “Professor Nasty” to life.

Taylor Lawrence


Taylor Lawrence (Thorny Devil Productions)  is delighted to be in cahoots with the multi talented team bringing the brilliant Professor Nasty to a podcast near you! As an actor, voice actor and producer, Taylor has performed in and produced, theatre productions, film, video games and animated content across the globe.

“Thank you to Karl and Tahyna for inviting me along on the journey….”

About Our Show

The Dastardly Deeds Of Professor Nasty is a scripted comedy podcast designed to keep children actively engaged in their imagination. Spanning over six episodes, (each around ten minutes) The Dastardly Deeds Of Professor Nasty is the brainchild of Irish writer Karl Harpur.

Season one centres around Professor Nasty’s escape from a high security daycare where he teams up with his little brother Phillip to fulfill his life’s ambition: turning all the good kids of the city…bad! The only person that can stop him is Special Agent Clarissa Sparrow of the FBI (the Fun Building Institute)…oh and her cousin Unbelievable Boy!

“In this modern world we feel children are missing out on some good old fashioned storytelling. The Dastardly Deeds of Professor Nasty ignites their imagination and they can create the world our story tells in their minds. As Willy Wonka once sang “Come with me and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination.” So come with us into our land of make-believe and see where your imagination takes you.”

– Karl Harpur

Professor Nasty Podcast

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The Characters


At 8 and 3/4 years old, the Professor is the self-proclaimed youngest evil genius the world has ever seen. After an incident involving mistaken identity at his pre-school when he was just 4 1/2, he vowed never to try and be good ever again. Thus was born a vengeance inside that will not be fulfilled until he sees every good kid in the world, go bad!



At 7 years of age, Phillip is the Professor’s younger brother. By his own admission, he has an unhealthy infatuation with pizza. Phillip looks up to his brother as he’s not as tall as him. Eager to please his older sibling, Phillip will do pretty much anything the Professor asks him to do…except emptying the dishwasher. He really hates that.



Clarissa is a headstrong 8 year old who does things by the book. Not worried about what other people think, she’s the top agent at the FBI (Fun Building Institute) and for good reason – she always gets the baddies!



The younger cousin of Clarissa, Clarence, as he is known when not in spandex, is a 7 year old kid who desperately wants to make the world a better place. Some may find him annoying but everything he does is for good…and also because he wants to be famous!